Brickley Roscowicz Engineering

Brickley Roscowicz Engineering

Brickley Roscowicz
Operations Manager

Information: While completing his Engineering degree at Studley University, young Brickley Roscowicz submitted an entry for the design of the Studley Harbour bridge. To everyone's surprise, Brickley's design was chosen, and, after completing his degree, he was hired by the Public Works Office to work on the construction team.

During construction, Brickley decided to start his own engineering company, Brickley Roscowicz Engineering , which was then hired by the city to complete the bridge construction, After the harbour bridge was completed on time and under budget, BRE was awarded several more bridge construction contracts.

But Brickley wasn't satisfied with just building bridges. After winning the maintenance contract for Studley Rail, Brickley realised he could make better engines, and the result was BRE 's reliable line of RoscoDiesel? engines.

Then he realised he could build cranes instead of hiring them all the time, leading to the BRE line of cranes.

During this period, the company was growing rapidly, and was eventually listed as a public company, with the share price immediately skyrocketing, making Brickley a very rich man. Being a person that likes to "get his hands dirty", he turned down a position on the board, leaving that to others while concentrating on keeping the highest quality standards in all his engineering projects.

Today he still works as Operations Manager, and has a harbour-side house with a picturesque view of the bridge that made him a household name in Studley.